The throne has never been claimed. Be the first and write history.

How it works

  • When you are dethroned, you are rewarded your ascension fee plus a generous amount.
  • Dethrone the current king by paying double his ascension fee.
  • Wait to be dethroned by someone more power hungry than you to earn your generous pension.

Example: You paid 1 ALGO to become king. When you are dethroned by the next king for 2 ALGO, you get back 1.5 ALGO. That is 50% profit as a reward for your kingly duties.

The end of a king's rule

If a king is not dethroned, his rule ends after 7 days. The people of this country are poor. They cannot pay a reward. Therefore this king will receive only 20% of his ascension price. This is the risk that comes with being the mightiest.


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